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If you have been looking for teacher proven strategies to integrate Webquests, Treasure Hunts, and Hotlists into your curriculum you have come to the right spot!  iwebquest.com's teaching staff has been hard at work developing the best Internet Resources out there. Our work did not end there!  We put our Webquests, Treasure Hunts, and Hotlists to the kid test in our own classrooms.  Then, with careful reflection, we gain insight into what worked with the kids and what did not.  We then revamp our Webquests, Treasure Hunts, and Hotlists to best suit the needs of the kids and offer you helpful teaching tips and tricks.  

You can preview a few examples of our teacher proven 
"Teaching Tips and Tricks" below or click on the links below  to go to the specific "Teaching Tips" page located on each of our webquests.

Teaching Tips and Tricks (Examples)

Use a Smartboard, Projector, or a LCD Panel
Use a Smartboard, Projector, or a LCD Panel to show your students exactly what to do while you project the computer screen onto a white screen. iwebquest.com's teaching staff often introduces a webquest by positioning the page so that the  Essential question is showing.  Students can then discuss any past experiences or background knowledge that students have. If our teaching staff is using the Smartboard they will write thestudents ideas on the screen to print off and give to them later.  If our teachers use the projector or LCD panel, they will use Inspirations to record their ideas in a quick, organized, and visual way.  Later, this can be printed and given to students. 

Copy/ Paste/ Print
iwebquest.com's teaching staff often copy the introduction and the activity instructions to paste into a Microsoft Word document.  he teachers will then print a copy off, make Zerox copies, and pass them out.  That way kids have a clear idea of what we are doing.  This saves our teachers a ton of time because we no longer have to worry about procedural questions.Our focus is on facilitating the discussions.

***iwebquest.com grants you permission to copy and print any of my materials found within our webquests to use with students in conjunction with our webquest. This is for educational use only.***

Books!  Good ole' books.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the technologies that we forget that books have great information in them and are sometimes easier to use than a website. iwebquest.com's teachers always have a cart of books relating to the topic they are studying.  Hit up the local library, get kids to bring in books, or purchase books from our Great Books Collections.  Our teachers have some kids that always go straight to the books while others hit the computers.  When we are beginning our teachers let students  learn in a style and manner that is comfortable to them.


If you have any suggestions or strategies that really work for you while you use webquests, please share them by e-mailing them to support@iwebquest.com. Thank you for your help!  Together, we can make better use of technology.


Teaching Tips and Tricks

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