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Pollen.jpg (6364 bytes)          Egg-In seed plants, the eggs are contained within the ovary.  When fertilized the egg will develop into the seed.


ovary.gif (17401 bytes)     Ovary-The lower part of the carpel that contains the ovules within which the female gametophyte develops


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petal.jpg (14404 bytes) Petal- The colorful, thin structures that surround the sexual parts of the flower. Not only attract pollinators, but also protect the pistil and stamen. May also produce a scent.


Pisil.jpg (41846 bytes) Pistil- Female reproductive structures in flowers, consisting of the stigma, style, and ovary. Also known as a carpel in some books.


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pollen3.jpg (8362 bytes)  Pollen- The powdery particles that contain the male sex cells (gametes). Also a nutritious, protein-rich food for bees.


stamen.jpg (22064 bytes) Stamen- Male part of flower consisting of anther and filament.


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