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Avi  Windcatcher 1991.

Simon & Schuster (Juv); ISBN: 0027077616 (Hardcover)
Avon; ISBN: 0380718057 (Paperback)



From Horn Book
In this bracing mystery adventure, eleven-year-old Tony is tempted by some tantalizing local lore to go in search of a possible treasure hidden on one of the islands in Long Island Sound, where Tony is learning to sail. A solid, neatly plotted, and fast-moving yarn. -- Copyright © 1991 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the school & library binding edition of this title

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Babbitt, Natalie  Eyes of the Amaryllis 1999.

Econo-Clad Books; ISBN: 080857325X (Hardcover)
Farrar Straus & Giroux (Juv); ISBN: 0374422389 (Paperback)

5 out of 5 stars It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature, June 27, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Bristol, RI
This is by far the best book Natalie Babbitt has written. Her use of descriptive writing is superb. When Gran reveals the secret about Seward to Jenny, the story really takes off. This is a must read for all who love the Sea and its powerful and mysterious ways. It is also a great book because by its conclusion, the story helps one to understand the "generation gap" and bond between children, parents and grandparents



Balan, Bruce Buoy : Home at Sea 1998.

Delacorte Pr; ISBN: 0385325398 (Hardcover)




If you've ever gazed dreamily out to sea, spotted a lone buoy bobbing and blinking, and let your imagination float along with it, you'll find a friend in Bruce Balan's Buoy. It's not such a lonely life for Buoy--after all, Gull is usually perched atop his red light, and Seal lounges at his "feet." These three friends live a rewarding life under the Sky and Stars--enriched by visits from Shark, a raft of Crabs floating on an old egg carton, and even a singing pod of Whales: "Porpoise said [the Whales' song] told of the first day of the Sea. And how the first Whale swam on that first day. And how the first Whale sang. And how the song created itself and everything else as well. There was much more, but it was too ancient for any of them ever to grasp."



Bennet, Paul  Under the Ocean (Natural World Series) 1999.

Barrons Juveniles; ISBN: 0764106414 (Hardcover)




Book Description
The earth's ocean environment is at least as complex as any on land. Its living creatures range in size from whales to plankton - drifting plants and animals of nearly microscopic size.


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Clancy, Holling  Paddle to the Sea 1941.

Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395150825 (Hardcover)
Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395292034 (Paperback)



A young Indian boy carves a little canoe with a figure inside and names him Paddle-to-the-Sea. Paddle's journey, in text and pictures, through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellent geographic and historical picture of the region. "Geography of the best kind made vivid by the power of imagination." -- Horn Book


Clancy, Holling  Seabird  1978.

Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395182301 (Hardcover)
Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395266815 (Paperback)



The history of America at sea is presented through the travels of Seabird, a carved ivory gull. "The subject takes the reader over the globe and provides room for imagination to aid history in vitalizing the period. The beauty of the illustrations gives the book distinction." -- Horn Book Horn Book Fanfare Selection



Clarke, Penny  Beneath the Oceans (Worldwise) 1997.

Franklin Watts, Incorporated; ISBN: 0531144372 (Hardcover)
Franklin Watts, Incorporated; ISBN: 0531153142 (Paperback)



Discusses the formation, structure, currents, tides, food chain, and importance of our oceans



Cole, Joanne Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor 1992.

Scholastic Trade; ISBN: 0590414305 (Hardcover)
Scholastic Trade; ISBN: 0590414313 (Paperback)






Collins, Elizabeth  The Living Ocean (Earth at Risk) 1994.

Chelsea House Pub (Library); ISBN: 0791015866 (Hardcover)



Cork, Barbara  Mysteries and Marvels of Ocean Life  1984.

E D C Publications; ISBN: 0881101494 (Hardcover)
E D C Publications; ISBN: 0860207536 (Paperback)





Craigehead George, Jean  Water Sky  1989.

HarperCollins Children's Books; ISBN: 0060221992 (Hardcover)
HarperTrophy; ISBN: 0064402029 (Paperback)




4 out of 5 stars A great novel for anybody!, September 29, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Era, Texas
Water Sky is a novel about a young man named Lincoln who is supposed to kill a whale. His father's friend, Vincent Ologak, tells him the whale will give itself to Lincoln. Does Lincoln kill the whale? If you've read the book, you should know; if not, then read to find out in a book full of adventure and excitement!




Creech, Sharon  The Wanderer  2000.

Harpercollins Juvenile Books; ISBN: 0060277300 (Hardcover)




"I am not always such a dreamy girl, listening to the sea calling me. My father calls me Three-sided Sophie: one side is dreamy and romantic; one is logical and down-to-earth; and the third side is hardheaded and impulsive."

Thirteen-year-old Sophie, skipping between "dreamland or earthland or muleland," hears the sea calling her. Much to the concern of her adopted parents, she decides to join her uncles and male cousins on a sailing voyage from Connecticut across the Atlantic to England (and her grandfather Bompie) on a 45-foot sailboat. Not only does she want to make the trip, she feels she has to.

This perilous cross-Atlantic journey will make young readers feel the wind in their hair and the salt spray on their face. Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech (Walk Two Moons) describes the sailing experience with astonishing precision--from the smell of the sea to the intricate workings of The Wanderer itself.

Along the way, Sophie proves her bravery and competence to the rather grumpy all-male crew; intrigues and captivates her cousin Cody with her beautiful, odd stories of Bompie that always somehow end in underwater disaster and apple pie; and spills her heart into a daily journal. Readers get another angle on her, too, as Cody keeps a log that alternates with hers. He grows to know, and like, and wonder about, his new cousin Sophie along with the reader, and as her mysterious past reveals itself bit by bit, we are all right there on the edge of our seats, ready for the boom to crash over to the other side.

Sophie's adventures take her not only straight into perilous waves higher than buildings, but deep into her hidden past. This profound, suspenseful novel will pull you into its swift current and barely let you surface for breath. (Ages 9 to 13) --Karin Snelson


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Demas, Corrine  If Ever I Return Again  2000.

Harpercollins Juvenile Books; ISBN: 0060287179 (Hardcover)




From Kirkus Reviews
More Dear America than True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, this chatty, awkwardly titled epistolary tale takes a mid–19th-century child on a 19-month voyage aboard a New England whaler with her mother and her father, the captain. Gathering a small menagerie and a flirtatious young third mate for company, Celia experiences terrifying storms, the gruesome business of whale butchering, long stretches of boredom relieved by birthdays, Christmases, and occasional stops to gam (visit) other ships. There is also a welcome layover in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) that turns tragic when her mother has, then loses, a baby. At last, discouraged by the scarcity of whales, Celia's father decides to turn homeward, only to succumb to a mortal illness that leaves the two women to derail an attempted mutiny and to navigate back around Cape Horn to Massachusetts. Demas (Littlest Matryoshka, 1999) laces Celia's narrative with happy encounters and places her amidst a cast of familiar, well-defined character types, so that her journey is more a coming-of-age adventure than a tally of crushing disasters. Readers will be carried along by the quick pace and the ever-present sense that fortune and misfortune lurk just beneath the next rolling wave. (Fiction. 11-13) -- Copyright © 2000 Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.



Doherty, Berlie  Daughter of the Sea  1997.

DK Publishing; ISBN: 078942469X (Hardcover)
Laureleaf; ISBN: 0440227941 (Paperback)
Chivers Audio Books; ISBN: 0745173950 (Audio Cassette)


From Kirkus Reviews , September 1, 1997
Doherty (Snake Stone, 1996, etc.) works a generous handful of selkie legends into this somber tale, set on an isolated northern island where ``men haunt the sea . . . and it is said that the people of the sea haunt the land.'' Caught in a freak storm, a childless fisherman finds a baby floating next to his boat, and brings it home to his wife, Jannet. They name her Gioga and raise her as their own, despite the warnings of a peculiar, seemingly deranged villager, Eilean. Gioga's real father, calling himself Hill Marliner, appears twice to take her back; twice he relents at Jannet's pleading; when Hill Marliner returns a third time, Jannet shoots him. Dead, he becomes a great seal. Wailing with grief, a wave of seals attacks the village's boats and catch, and a wild storm comes up. Sacrificing herself to quiet the storm, Eilean sends Jannet's husband to bring Gioga back, and tells a young villager the location of the sealskin that will allow the child to go back to her people. This is without the emotional impact of Donna Jo Napoli's Zel (1996), another story of a woman loving a child beyond sanity, but those captivated by other selkie tales will find a full measure of magic and mystery here. (b&w illustrations, not seen) (Fiction. 11-13) -- Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved



Dorris, Ellen  Marine Biology (Real Kids, Real Science Books) 1993.

Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500190070 (Hardcover)




Kids go on a whale watch, dive for jelly animals, visit a salt marsh estuary--and they don't have to live near the ocean to set up their own salt-water aquarium or an environment for hermit crabs. Includes directions for making fish-print T-shirts. Part of the Children's School of Science series. Almost 200 color photos.

From Horn Book
Published in association with the Children's School of Science, Woods Hole, MA. The introduction utilizes chapters of information and seashore field-trip activities to encourage direct participation in nature as a way to learn about marine biology. The two-page entries include Latin names and systems of classification. Some of the color photographs are blurry and indistinct, and most lack captions. Glos. -- Copyright © 1994 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.


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Fredricks, Anthony  Exploring the Oceans : Science Activities for Kids  1998.

Fulcrum Pub; ISBN: 1555913792 (Hardcover)




Activities, projects, and experiments in this book help children realize how critical the oceans are to our planet. Although most activities do not require access to a seashore, people near an aquarium or seashore will learn how to benefit from such a visit.

The author, Anthony D. Fredericks , August 21, 1998
Adventures Galore!
Although I now live in Pennsylvania I grew up in southern California with the Pacific Ocean at my front door. Summers were spent building sandcastles, exploring numerous tide pools, surfing, sailing, and water skiing. Even as as adult I am still amazed at the infinite variety of plant and animal life in the world's oceans and some of the incredible discoveries being made by marine scientists all over the world. I still love to snorkle and investigate the diversity of life in both the Atlantic...

5 out of 5 stars The Best Piece of Science Curriculm For Kids I've Ever Found, July 18, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, CA USA
Thank goodness I found this book before I started teaching a class on Oceanography! "Exploring the Oceans" was not only a clear and well thought out book but it was clearly written by someone who understands children. The book is riddled with fun and educational activities that work exptremely well for kinistetic learners. it was organized into managable chapters that allowed the students to focus on a cohesive set of ideas while previewing the concepts to come. A wonderful tool for getting kids excited about science and the ocean


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Hepworth, Peter   Ocean Girl   1995.

Hyperion (J); ISBN: 078681070X (Hardcover)




5 out of 5 stars Relive the magic of Ocean Girl, July 21, 2000
Ocean Girl was a family-friendly Australian TV show that lasted for four seasons, although only three seasons were shown in the United States. This novel came out after the first season premiered, and it perfectly captures the mystery, excitement and wonder of Ocean Girl. Much of the flavour of the series and its characters has been captured, although translating the magnificent visuals of the Daintree rainforest does not fare as well. Still, author Peter Hepworth makes a brave attempt. An example:

"Snow white sands curved out of sight on either side. Beyond the beach great strands of rainforest trees grew thick and tall, their trunks interlaced with vines and creepers. Brilliantly coloured birds flashed from branch to branch and butterflies the size of bread-and-butter plates flitted through the air. They made their way inland, Neri leading the way. Each turn of the track revealed new sights. Dripping clusters of bright tropical flowers. Little marsupials who sat up on their hind legs like tiny kangaroos and watched them pass. Huge emerald tree frogs with golden eyes."

Ocean Girl is an excellent companion to an amazing New Age TV series. Neri's story will whisk you away to an isolated island paradise and a mysterious past. Once you start reading this you won't be able to put it down!


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Knight, Lindsay  Under the Sea (Nature Company Discoveries) 1995.

Time Life; ISBN: 0783547609 (Hardcover)



From Horn Book
Brief chunks of text, small color photographs, and garish illustrations fill the pages of these books. While Under the Sea at least makes sense thematically, it's hard to understand what constitutes a angerousanimal. Any creature that has the capacity to defend itself or capture prey seems to qualify, as does any animal that ever harmed a human. These books are strictly formulaic and ordinary. Glos., ind. -- Copyright © 1996 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

5 out of 5 stars Informative, very well illustrated, July 10, 1998
Reviewer: A reader from Milton, Florida
This book is very educational, no matter how old you are. I am a student at UWF and I used this book as part of my sea life lesson plan. The children loved looking at the bright illustrations. I recommend it to everyone.


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Lambert, David  The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Oceans  1997.

Kingfisher Books; ISBN: 0753450984 (Hardcover)




From the deepest ocean trenches to the vast veils of microscopic plankton that blanket the surface, this richly illustrated reference offers a unique view of the wonders of the world's oceans and seas. Digitally enhanced photography reveals this fascinating, often unseen, watery world. Full color.

From Horn Book
This book contains a little bit about everything connected with oceans, from tides and marine life to mythical sea creatures and oceans in the arts. Each topic occupies a double-page spread and includes numerous color photographs, maps, and illustrations. While informative, the text is a bit cursory and the quality of the illustrations is variable. Glos., ind. -- Copyright © 1998 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.



London, Jack  The Sea-Wolf & Other Selected Stories  1898.

Buccaneer Books; ISBN: 0899685390 (Hardcover)
Bantam Classic and Loveswept; ISBN: 0553212257 (Paperback)
Dh Audio; ISBN: 0886463254 (Audio Cassette)
North Books; ISBN: 0939495198 (Large Print)
QVision; ISBN: 1891595695 (CD-Rom)



5 out of 5 stars Best book I have ever read., February 19, 2000
Reviewer: Tom Bruce from New York City
Jack London's stated intention in writing this book was to place a man and a woman, both intellectual, well-to-do, yet socially soft (physically and psychologically). into the very challenging world of a seal hunting boat and watch them strive for survival. In this context, he has created one of the most fascinating characters of all literature, Wolf Larson, the inhuman captain of the "Ghost." Larson takes great delight in the suffering he brings to Humphrey Van Weyden and Maud Brewster, but they steadily grow to meet the challenge. This book can be read and enjoyed on two levels: As a rousing sea adventure, or as a discourse on society and sociology. Jack London is my favorite author -- I am in the process of collecting first editions of all fifty of his books -- and yet I find Sea Wolf ranks head and shoulders above all his other works. It could explain why this story has been turned into a film seven times, more than any of his his other stories, including The Call of the Wild. Two of cinema's great Wolf Larsons have been Edward G. Robinson and Charles Bronson


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MacQuitty, Miranda  Eyewitness: Ocean (Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Books) 2000.

DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789460343 (Hardcover)




Explores the endless diversity of life in the sea, from the humpback whale and its hour-long songs to the effervescent coral colonies, which spawn all their young in a single night, with the help of stunning photographs. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Horn Book
Splendid color photographs of ocean life and the human technology, such as submarines and diving equipment, used to explore the underwater world highlight another eminently browsable volume in this series. The brief text supplies scattered information. Ind. -- Copyright © 1996 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.



Massa, Renato  Ocean Environments (The Deep Blue Planet) 1997.

Raintree/Steck Vaughn; ISBN: 0817246517 (Hardcover)





Murphy, Jim  Gone A-Whaling : The Lure of the Sea and the Hunt for the Great Whale 1998.

Clarion Books; ISBN: 0395698472 (Hardcover)




From Booklist
Diary entries form the backbone of this fascinating look at whale hunting in America, from the nineteenth century to today. Murphy structures his tale like a whaling voyage, beginning with the thrill of signing up for duty and ending with a grateful trip home. In between, he describes life and work aboard the ship, including the grisly techniques for killing, harvesting, and processing the enormous animals. Primary sources support an emotionally rich narrative, filled with the thoughts of the young men and boys as they move between excitement and boredom, boundless energy and exhaustion. Murphy also looks at women who went whaling and the number of vessels crewed or captained by African Americans. Two final chapters examine the slaughter made possible by the steam engine and the cruelly efficient factory ships of today. Murphy occasionally scolds nineteenth-century whalers for their harsh approach, rather than explaining their lack of knowledge about the sophisticated creatures they hunted. The book is beautifully illustrated with black-and-white photos and engravings, and a sprinkling of sidebars supplies details about the most hunted whale species. Randy Meyer


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Nye, Bill   Bill Nye the Science Guy's : Big Blue Ocean  1998.

Hyperion Press; ISBN: 0786850639 (Library binding
Disney Pr (Juv Trd); ISBN: 0786842210 (Hardcover)



From Booklist September 15, 1999
Scientist and television personality Nye introduces young readers to the amazing, sometimes mysterious biome that covers nearly three-quarters of the earth's surface. He discusses marine animals and plants, salinity, currents, tides, the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis, and contemporary methods of exploration. Each chapter includes several illustrations, mostly in full color, as well as photographs, numerous sidebars, and an experiment designed to demonstrate a scientific principle. Most of the experiments are easily duplicated, use readily accessible materials, and can be performed without adult help. Specialized vocabulary is defined within the text, and the table of contents is fairly extensive. An attractive choice for classroom science lessons, this may also appeal to browsers. Kay Weisman


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Paulsen, Gary  The Voyage of the Frog  1989.

Orchard Books; ISBN: 0531058050 (Hardcover)
Yearling Books; ISBN: 0440403642 (Paperback)
Thorndike Pr ; ISBN: 078620060X (Large print)



Book Description
Slowly, David opened his eyes and looked around the horizon, wincing again with the new movement. There was nothing sticking above the water as far as he could see.  He was alone.  Fourteen-year-old David Alspeth intended only to fulfill his uncle's last wish when he set sail in the Frog, but when a savage storm slams into the tiny sailboat, David is stranded. No wind. No radio. Little water. Seven cans of food. And the storm is just the first challenge David must face


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Riccuiti, Edward  Ocean (Biomes of the World) 1996.

Benchmark Books; ISBN: 0761400796 (Hardcover)



Ross, Cathy  Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Oceans (Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About) 1998.

Millbrook Pr; ISBN: 076130262X (Hardcover)
Millbrook Pr Trade; ISBN: 0761303316 (Paperback)




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Salisbury, Graham  Blue Skin of the Sea: A Novel in Stories 1994.

Delacorte Pr; ISBN: 0385305966 (Hardcover)
Laurel Leaf; ISBN: 0440219051 (Paperback)



Eleven interlinked stories tell the tale of Sonny Mendoza--a boy coming of age in a Hawaiian fishing village. Sonny is a little different from the rest of the men in his family--not as brave, perhaps too sensitive. What do you do if your biggest fear surrounds you? Indeed, what if that which you fear brings life (and death) to those you love? It's the sea itself that fills Sonny with dread. In wrestling with its powerful force, though, he just might reach the doorway to adulthood. Graham Salisbury's luscious, well-crafted prose will haunt and delight the mind long after the last page is turned.



Sayre, April   Ocean  (Sayre, April Pulley. Exploring Earth's Biomes)  1996.

Twenty First Century Books; ISBN: 0805040846 (Hardcover)




Simon, Seymour  Oceans  1997.

Unknown; ISBN: 0688094538 (Hardcover)
Mulberry Books; ISBN: 0688154786 (Paperback)


Earth is different from any other planet or moon in the Solar System: it is the only one with liquid water on its surface. In fact, more than 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. In clear, concise text and more than 20 breathtaking full-color photographs, a noted science writer explores our enormous ocean world.

From Horn Book
Color photographs. Brief, concise explorations of two of Earth's important ecosystems - oceans and deserts - made more understandable by a combination of crisp photographs and clear graphs, diagrams, and maps. Visually stunning, exceptionally well-designed resources. Indexes. -- Copyright © 1991 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.



Smith, P. Project Earth Science : Physical Oceanography 1994.

Natl Science Teachers Assn; ISBN: 0873551303 (Paperback)




Starr Hill, Elizabeth  Bird Boy  1999.

Farrar Straus & Giroux (Juv); ISBN: 0374307237 (Hardcover)




From Parents' Choice
Chang, the mute son of a cormorant fisherman, longs to be allowed to go on the year's major fishing trip. He also wants to help raise a cormorant chick, a long and delicate undertaking. Set on a Chinese river boat, this small book has a large heart. A 1999 Gold Award Winner. Ages 8 to 12. (Kemie Nix, Parents' Choice®).




Stotsky, Sandra  Diving into Oceans (Ranger Ricks Naturescope Series)  1998.

Chelsea House Pub (Library); ISBN: 0791048322 (Hardcover)


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Taylor, Leighton The Atlantic Ocean (Life in the Sea) 1999.

Blackbirch Marketing; ISBN: 1567112463 (Hardcover)




Book Description
Swim through the vast habitats that make up the world's second-largest ocean. Follow the migrations of whales, track the feeding patterns of ferocious great white sharks, and confront some disturbing issues concerning the impact of humans on the ocean's health. Award-winning photographer Norbert Wu takes us on an underwater adventure as we explore the earth's deepest and most mysterious places. Stunning images accompany texts that incorporate life science topics of life cycles, organisms and environments, food webs, adaptation, survival, and diversity. Each title also strengthens map-reading skills, geographical literacy, and basic concepts about the earth's structure and systems.

Discusses the location, physical environment, life forms, and exploration of the Atlantic Ocean.



Taylor, J. David  Endangered Ocean Animals (The Endangered Animals) 1992.

Crabtree Pub; ISBN: 0865055335 (Hardcover)
Crabtree Pub; ISBN: 0865055432 (Paperback)



CM, Sept. 1993
The attractive layout with an easy-to-read vocabulary level makes these book appealing to a wide audience. The interesting informative text with the accompanying glossary and index adds to the usefulness of these books as school research resources

School Librarians' Book Reviews, May 1993
A good book that looks at ocean animals that are at risk because of what man does. Vibrant pictures, great information

Book Description
Ten endangered animals are highlighted in each book with clear, simple text matched by stunning, full-color photographs by wildlife photographer and author Dave Taylor. Each book helps guide the reader toward a greater understanding of the dangers these magnificent animals face as their habitats are continually degraded and destroyed.



Taylor, Theodore  The Cay 1987.

Random House (Juv); ISBN: 0385079060 (Hardcover)
Camelot; ISBN: 038000142X (Paperback)
Listening Library; ISBN: 0807282871 (Audio Cassette)



Check out
The Cay Webquest - By Theodore Taylor

This award-winning novel remains a powerful classic of prejudice, love, and survival. In 1942, 11-year-old Phillip Enright lives with his parents on the Dutch island of Curaçao, but when the war moves too close for comfort, his mother decides to travel with him back to the safety of Virginia. When their boat is torpedoed, however, Phillip is blinded and finds himself adrift on a life raft with an old black man and a cat. They eventually land on a deserted island. Phillip is suspicious of "the large Negro," but soon grows to trust--and ultimately love--the patient and generous Timothy. Dedicated to "Dr. King's Dream," The Cay has a clear message that friendship is colorblind; it is also a terrific adventure story of a young, newly blinded man learning to survive on an uninhabited island. (Ages 12 and older) --Richard Farr



Time Life  Ocean Life (Time-Life Student Library) 1999.

Time Life; ISBN: 0783513577 (Hardcover)




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VanCleave, Janice  Janice Vancleave's Oceans for Every Kid : Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun (Science for Every Kid Series) 1996. 

John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471124532 (Hardcover)



A fun-filled introduction to the ocean presents a wide range of hands-on activities, exercises, and experiments that teach young readers about seawater, currents and tides, the ocean floor, oceanic exploration, and the creatures that make the ocean habitat their home.

Book Description
JANICE VANCLEAVE'S OCEANS FOR EVERY KID. When learning science means doing science, learning becomes an adventure! Acclaim for Janice VanCleave's books. "Science projects sometimes breed dread, but with Janice's books to spark their creativity, students' projects are rewarding and fun." --Teaching PreK-8. 

"An entertaining, educational, and non-threatening aid to understanding earth science." --School Library Journal on Earth Science for Every Kid. 


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Waterlow, Julia  The Atlantic Ocean (Seas and Oceans Series) 1997.

Raintree/Steck Vaughn; ISBN: 081724509X  (Hardcover)


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