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iwebquest.comís monthly newsletter has so many benefits.  First, we keep you current on our new webquests, treasure hunts, hotlists, and bibliographies.  Second, you can learn about ways to get involved in our interactive projects.  Third, we ask for your input on our current projects.  All this from a newsletter that will be delivered to your e-mail inbox, approximately once per month. 

iwebquest.comís newsletter is easy to sign up for. Simply fill out the form to the left with your complete e-mail address or e-mail us at Be sure to place the message subscribe into your subject box.  When our next newsletter is sent out you will receive a copy.  Itís that simple!



Archive of iwebquest.comís Newsletters

September 2000- OceanQuest 2000
October 2000- Explorations- An Ancient Greek Myth Webquest
November 2000-
Students for Responsible Use of the Internet 
December 2001- Student Chased Up a Tree- A Math Webquest
February 2001- Ancient Egypt Webquest





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