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The Middle Ages
Annotated Bibliography

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The Middle Ages:
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Castle (storytelling, middle ages)

        Elementary and middle students can now enjoy locating information on the Middle Ages! Learn about the people of the Middle Ages, Castles, and Knights by studying their Tales and Legends.


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Can you create and tell a story that will teach your peers about the people and ideas of the middle ages?


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A long time ago in the beginning of the European Middle Ages there were no books. As a matter of fact very few people even knew how to read or write. Nevertheless, there were many fascinating stories stories of heroic deeds and evil monsters- told by storytellers, minstrels, and poets. These stories reflect the beliefs and concerns of the people of the Middle ages and give us a glimpse of their daily lives. Also, these stories provide us with a sense of the social, cultural, and political forces that affected behavior and motivated change.

Eventually, Christian Monks, Nobleman, and other learned men began to record and illustrate these stories capturing them for people throughout the ages to share. These stories provide an appealing way to trace and retrace the social history of the Middle Ages.

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1.  Model Storytelling
2. Students tell a Middle Age's Legend
3. Sharing Legends with the World (Wonders of Technology.)


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Section 1: Model Storytelling

The teacher will tell a Middle Ages Legend.  In this way the teacher can model excellent presentation skills, content, and use props to enhance the story.  This will also create an excitement for the coming project.    As a follow up to the story discussion will focus on how story reflects the beliefs and concerns of the people of the Middle ages and gives us a glimpse into their daily lives.

Section 2: Students tell a Middle Age's Legend.

Now, students review several Legends from the Middle Ages (Middle Ages Annotated Bibliography).  Here are several links that will help students with choosing an appropriate legend.

Storytelling Ideas
Definition and Purpose
Choose Your Story
Finding Your Story

They choose one of the suggested legends or with approval another legend.  Then, each student writes a retelling of their legend.  Next, students practice telling their story.  At this point, their rehearsal should focus on presentation skills (eye contact, voice projection, expressive voice, and appropriate gestures.) Here are several links that will help students prepare their story.

Preparing Your Story
Learning Your Story
The Telling of Your Story
Telling Your Story
Voice and Gestures

Students will now explore their legend to learn what they can about daily life in the Middle Ages.  Students should prepare (using content from the story and appropriate vocabulary) to present an afterward to their story that includes this information.

The student should prepare appropriate props to enhance their telling of the Legend.  Several suggestions include; costumes, puppets, music, or backgrounds.   Get creative!!!

Final Hints
Story Telling Skills Rubric

Finally, students tell their legends to the class.  Included will be the props and the content.  Good luck!

Here are some books that I suggest you read to get some great storytelling ideas.

New Handbook for Storytellers (Off-Line Literature)
The Storyteller's Start-Up Book: Finding, Learning, Performing, and Using Folktales (Off-Line Literature)
Storytelling Professionally: The Nuts and Bolts of a Working Performer (Off-Line Literature)
Storytellers' Research Guide: Folktales, Myths, Legends (Off-Line Literature)


Section 3:  Sharing Legends with the World (Wonders of Technology.)

While students are telling their legend other students will take photographs and video using digital technology.  

Students will then create a multimedia presentation of their legend that will be placed on the Internet.  In this way students can share their Middle Age's Legends with others from all over the world.  Here are some suggested software packages that students can use to create their multimedia presentations.

FrontPage 98
Creating Web Pages with Microsoft Front Page 
FrontPage Tutorial
FrontPage 98 Tutorial

Claris HomePage
Creating homepages with Claris HomePage

HyperStudio Tutorial
HyperStudio Explorations
Introduction into HyperStudio

Kid Pix 
Kid Pix Overview

Hollywood High
Hollywood High Page


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Student performance will be authentically evaluated with rubrics. Students will be evaluated on their presentation skills, content of their performance, and their props that they use to enhance their stories.


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Created: July 24, 1999


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