Hotlists’s teaching staff has scoured the World Wide Web to pull together the greatest Webquests, Treasure Hunts, and web pages.  These resources give you (students, teachers, and parents):

  • A Way to Use You Time Wisely- Quality resources are provided for you.
  • Current Information- Our online resources provide you with up-to-date information.
  • Stimulating Graphics- The colorful, sometimes animated, graphics found on the web can create excitement.
  • Interactive Sites- You can use our web pages to actively manipulate information.
  • Various Reading Levels- You can find information at your reading level.
  • Multiple Intelligence's- Find a medium to reach your learning style.
  • Safety Issues- You can surf safely knowing that all our sites are teacher previewed.

We have worked hard to organize these resources so that they are easy for you to find and use.  If you are a student, teacher, or parent searching for great information, check out our teacher-previewed and teacher-used sites compiled in our Hotlists. Use our search directory (found below) to locate resources that best fit your needs.

As a bonus, has provided online resources and activities for students, teachers and parents to learn how to:

Surf the Internet Safely
Choose the Best Resources
Avoid Advertisers Ploys





History/ Social Sciences Hotlists

Ancient Egypt

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Greek City States and Daily Life 
Greek Clothing
Education in Ancient Greece
Entertainment in Ancient Greece
Food that the Ancient Greeks Ate
The Ancient Greek Gods
The Heroes of Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Homes
Maps of Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Myth Resources
Telling a Great Myth
Writing a Great Myth


Math Hotlists

Math Lesson Plans
Math Problem-Solving Questions
Math Problem-Solving Strategies
Math Webquests
Math Rubrics


Science Hotlists

General Animal Sites

General animal Sites

Ocean Animals

Harbor Porpoises
Harbor Seals
Sea Otters
Sea Turtles


Webquest Hotlists

Webquest Collections Hotlist
What is a Webquest? Hotlist
Standards-Based Learning and Webquests
Bloom's Taxonomy and Webquests
Essential Questions and Webquests!


More Hotlists Coming Soon!



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