What is a Webquest? Hotlist
A Great Place to Begin Your exploration of Webquests!


What is a Webquest?  Matthew Durant writes an easy to understand explanation with clear examples of what Webquests are all about. 

Building Blocks of a Webquest   Bernie Dodge outlines an easy way to understand the components of a Webquest: Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion.

Why Webquests? An Introduction    This introduction by Tom March was written for a series of Webquests to be developed by Teacher Created Materials.  If you are new to Quests, this is an excellent place to start.

The Student Webquest   Maureen Yoder details the history and development of Webquests and how to make the best use of them.

Kathy Shrock's Webquest Page   Kathy Shrock has developed a 16-slide PowerPoint presentation based on the information found at Mr. Dodge's site. (Also available as a PDF file.) For clarification and further explanation of a webquest.

Next assignment for the Web: To Become a Teaching Device  A model called Webquests asks students to solve real problems and answer questions that they will face.

Thoughts about Webquests   Dr. Bernie Dodge and Tom March present a comprehensive look at what a Webquest is and how to plan one.


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