Great Math Problem-Solving Problems Hotlist
A Great Place to Begin Your Math Problem Solving! 


 This is a large collection of the best problems for math problem solving that we could find on the Internet.

Roller Coaster Madness  Your local theme park has promised to premiere the newest, fastest, and most exciting roller coaster ever built. Your team has been hired to design a roller coaster for this theme park.

Art For Sale  This Webquest will challenge your students in math while they learn about Native Americans.

In the Time of the Old Ones   Use this great Webquest to explore geometric patterns.

Let's have a Field Day  Have a great time while you explore math problem solving.

Locker Room Problem  Challenge your math wits with this math challenge.

Take me out to the Ball Game!  You have been chosen to take the trip of a lifetime to visit major league baseball stadiums and prepare a presentation to the commissioner of baseball. He only has time to take one trip next season and it's up to you to convince him your division is the best.

Weekend at Bernie's  Use this vacation opportunity to explore budgeting.

Home Improvement Webquest  It seems like everyone is fixing up their house these days.  This webquest helps you explore the intricacies of renovating your home.

Dealing in Horses  Great math problem for addition and subtraction problem solving skills.

WANTED Jack-O-Lantern Carvers  Great problem dealing with time.

Pyramid of Cans Challenge  Put your wits to the test with the wisest supermarket workers.

Amusement Park Challenge  Take a math trip to your favorite amusement park.

HELP! I Need to Make A Border  Explore geometry with this problem.

The Ant in the Well  This poor ant still has not made it out of the well.

Vacation Anyone?  This webquest puts you in charge of your next vacation. 

The Vacation of your Dreams  You and three friends have decided to make your get-away, but get-away to where?

Bricks Activity  Use your Geometry skills to solve this math challenge.

Building the House of your Dreams  Use your math skills to build a residential plan.

The Turkey Farm  Yummy Turkeys!  A great challenge.

Tulips Need Planting  Use your measuring skills to solve this problem.

Silly Sam's Weekly Allowance  the old allowance issue put to  anew light.

Magic Rings  A great problem to test your math skills.

Gnomes and the Magic Forest  A great problem to explore measurement of weight.

Sunshine Pyramid  Test your geometry knowledge with this tricky problem.

The Ice Cream Shop  A yummy way to explore all the options.

CD Factory  Use music to spark your student interest in math problem solving.

The Russian Peasant  Use history to explore math probability.

The Popcorn Problem  Go for great prizes as you explore math problem solving.

Lining Up  Hands-Across-America Meets math problem solving.

Cheerios Problem  Which is the better buy?

Traffic Jam Activity  A classroom activity (also called Hop, Skip, Jump) a to be explored through large movement experience, manipulatives, and an interactive Java applet.

Investing in Your Future  Everyone dreams of what they would do if they had money.  Now, is your big chance.

Money, Money Everywhere!  Learn the basics of money while you sweat out this math challenge!

Math on the Go  Make great math connections to everyday math.

Build Your Own Playhouse   Have fun while solving this math challenge.

Mighty M&M Experiment  Learn great math while enjoying a tasty treat!

Mr. Pitonyaks Pyramid Puzzle  This site does a great job of integrating math into your curriculum.

Change Maker  A great interactive page that will stretch you learning.

Million Dollar Mission  Wow!  You have the cash!  Now, the challenge is how will you spend it.

How Many Bears and Fish   Role the dice and try to figure out the pattern.

Cast your Vote  Use voting to get your students excited about the challenge of math statistics

The Cereal Box Problem: A Lesson in Expected Value  Push yourself to the limits with this probability challenge.

Indy 500  Use this exciting race to make the challenge of averaging come to life for your students.

A Web-based Interactive Stock Market Learning Project for K-12  The name says it all!

Carmel Corn  Make a Tasty Treat while solving a measuring problem.

How much Would you Weigh on a Distant Planet? Great site to combine the challenge of math problem solving and the excitement of astronomy. 


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