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A Great Place to Begin Your Math Problem-solving Unit!


Roller Coaster Madness  Your local theme park has promised to premiere the newest, fastest, and most exciting roller coaster ever built. Your team has been hired to design a roller coaster for this theme park.

Art For Sale  This Webquest will challenge your students in math while they learn about Native Americans.

In the Time of the Old Ones   Use this great Webquest to explore geometric patterns.

Let's have a Field Day  Have a great time while you explore math problem solving.

Take me out to the Ball Game!  You have been chosen to take the trip of a lifetime to visit major league baseball stadiums and prepare a presentation to the commissioner of baseball. He only has time to take one trip next season and it's up to you to convince him your division is the best.

Weekend at Bernie's  Use this vacation opportunity to explore budgeting.

Home Improvement Webquest  It seems like everyone is fixing up their house these days.  This webquest helps you explore the intricacies of renovating your home.

Searching for Solutions  A great webquest to use while teaching math problem solving to your students.

Vacation Anyone?  This webquest puts you in charge of your next vacation. 

Look Who's Footing the Bill  A great math webquest to explore money and the national debt.

The Vacation of your Dreams  You and three friends have decided to make your get-away, but get-away to where?

Young Entrepreneurs  A great webquest to get kids to explore starting  their own business.

Playground Design  Explore the mathematics of good architectural design.

Would You Recommend It?  A webquest to explore the effectiveness of math games.

MetricQuest  Use this webquest to learn about measuring with the metric system.

What Do You Mean You Can't Add Large Numbers?  A great webquest to learn how to add large numbers.

The Sullivan Investment Company   Engage in this great webquest to learn how to invest the thousands of dollars you could someday win.

Show Me The Math!  An enjoyable math webquest that will help your students make connections from math class to the real world.

Math Magazine Webquest  Explore the history of math with the great activates you'll find in this webquest.

Math Hall of Fame  A Hands-on activity to explore the history of math.



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