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The teachers at have scoured public libraries, online bookstores, and even neighborhood yard sales to find the best off-line resources to enhance your projects.  We provide you with children’s literature, software, multi-media resources, and even  teaching resources that will make learning in your classroom or at home a snap!

Recently, we have teamed up with to offer you the most inexpensive way to start your own quality learning library while supporting the  development of our future webquests.  To help support our site and start your own great collection of resources:

1.  Go to one of our Great Book Bibliographies.
2.  Find the book or resource that is just right for you.
3.  Click on the link for that book or resource.
4.  Add the item to your shopping cart.
5.  Click the back button to return to our bibliography.
6.  Choose another resource and repeat steps 1-5.
7.  When you have finished selecting your books and 
      resources return to and purchase your 

      entire order.

Thank you for your support!  Enjoy the great resources you will soon have in your brand-new library.  


Featured Bibliographies

Great Greek Books
Great Ocean Books 
Ancient Egypt Bibliography
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Ancient Greece Bibliography




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