Arctic Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus parryi 

This photo is taken by Matthew Durant


Online Resources:

Arctic Ground Squirrel  The BBC has created this quick fact sheet on the Arctic ground squirrel.  A great starting point!

Arctic Ground Squirrel  New Hampshire Public Television has created this easy to use web page that provides you with great basic information on the Arctic ground squirrel.

Arctic Ground Squirrel  Denali National Park has created a great web page to tell you about the basics of the Arctic Ground Squirrel 

Arctic Ground Squirrel Fun Facts  This page provides you with fun facts on the Arctic Ground Squirrel.

Arctic Ground Squirrel  A great student created site that gives great facts about the hibernation of the Arctic ground squirrel

Tapping the Will Power of an Arctic Ground Squirrel  A great story about when the Arctic ground squirrel wakes up.


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