Ptarmigan Hotlist
Lagopus mutus

This photo was taken by Matthew Durant


Online Resources:

Ptarmigan  Alaska's Department of Fish and Game offers excellent, detailed information on the ptarmigan.

Ptarmigan  New Hampshire Public Television has put together a very easy to use web page so that you can learn about characteristics, range, habitat, food, reproduction, and behavior.

Ptarmigan  Denali National Park has developed this excellent web site on the Ptarmigan.

Rock Ptarmigan  The University of Michigan has developed an excellent site that gives very detailed information.

Rock Ptarmigan  This journal mixes in good information with the story of their trip.

Patuxent Bird Glossary  Even though this glossary is not just about the Ptarmigan you can click on the links to see an image with detailed labels of the different parts of a bird.



Case Study: Ptarmigan in Alaska

The State Bird (Denali National Park, AK)


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