Mosquito Hotlist 
Anopheles quadrimaculatus

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Online Resources:

Mosquito Information  Great information on the Mosquitoes life cycle.

Mosquitoes in Your Life  Excellent information on the Mosquito.

Mosquito  Great quick information on the mosquito.

Mosquito Behavior  Video Clips of the Mosquito.

Mosquitoes  Learn about the Life Cycle of the Mosquito.

Mosquitoes  Fun facts about mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes  A Story of the horrors of Mosquitoes in Northern Alaska.

Mosquito Escape  Learn how thousands of caribou in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge flee hordes of bloodthirsty mosquitoes by wading into the shallow lagoons and river deltas along Alaska's North Slope.

Mosquitoes  A good look at mosquitoes -- how they breed, how they bite, what diseases they carry and what you can do to control them.


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