Moose Hotlist
(Alces alces)

This photo was taken by Matthew Durant


Online Resources:

Moose  Alaska's Department of Fish and Game offers excellent, detailed information on the Moose.

Moose  National Parks Conservation Association has put together a great web site that gives some quick facts and then gets into fantastic details.

Moose  New Hampshire Public Television has put together a very easy to use web page so that you can learn about characteristics, range, habitat, food, reproduction, and behavior.

Moose: Wild Laboratory  A Great video by the Alaska's Fish and Game Biologists. (Click here to get the free RealPlayer  Download.)

Living in Harmony with Moose  This web page will  help people learn to co-exist with moose in Alaska and can be helpful for other areas of the country, too.

Moose Fun Facts  This page provides you with fun facts on the Moose.

Moose  Denali National Park has created a great web page to tell you about the basics of the Moose. 

Where do the Moose Go?  Excellent information backed up with lots of images on the migration patterns of the moose.


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