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Felis lynx

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Online Resources:

Lynx  Good quick facts.

Lynx  Check out the "A YEAR IN THE LIFE" section of this web page.

Lynx  Even though this web page is about the Lynx in Wisconsin it is the same species found in Alaska and has great information.

Of Long-Distance Travel and Lynx  a good article on the Lynx in Alaska.

Lynx  Alaska's Department of Fish and Game offers excellent, detailed information on the Lynx..

With a pounce and a hop the speedy lynx chases...   Good information on the Lynx.

Lynx  Good introduction to the lynx and the threats that face the Lynx.

Lynx  the National Wildlife Foundation has put together a site full of great facts about the lynx backed up by video and ways that you can help.



Case Study: Lynx in Alaska

Early Morning Encounter (Denali National Park, AK)


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