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Ursus americanus

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Online Resources:

Black Bear Alaska's Department of Fish and Game offers excellent, detailed information on the Black Bear.

American Black Bear  The descriptive sub-headings make it very easy to find information on this web page.

Black Bear  Great easy-to-find information.

Black Bear  Denali National Park has created a great web page to tell you about the basics of the Black Bear. 

Go inside the Bear's Lair  A Great video by the Alaska's Fish and Game Biologists. (Click here to get the free RealPlayer  Download.)

Black Bear  Excellent detailed information backed up with images and maps. 

Hear the Black Bear  You can hear the language of the Black Bears by listening to these audio clips.

Black Bears  Check out the "A YEAR IN THE LIFE" section of this web page.

Secrets of Hibernation  A great site from Nova where you can learn lots more about the Black Bears long hibernation.

Black Bears: Hibernators  Great diagrams and images to describe Black Bears denning up for the winter.

A Day in the Life of a Spring Black Bear   Put yourself in the "paws" of a black bear.


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