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iwebquest.com is on a mission!  A mission to provide you with the best webquests, treasure hunts, and hotlists to give you with a fun way to learn the facts and figures while you engage in higher-level thinking activities.  

Let's face it, kids are using the Internet in record numbers.  Today, in the United States,

  • Over 70% of kids have regular access to the Internet.
  • It is estimated that over 10,000,000 kids will visit the Internet this year.
  • Kids will have access to over 1,000,000,000 Internet sites.

As a teacher, I have developed and used the webquests that you will find at iwebquest.com to safely bring the energy and learning resources that are available on the Internet into my own classroom.  I have seen first-hand the excitement that is created when kids learn by using webquests.  I have experienced the power of webquests to guide higher-level thinking and learning.  Using iwebquest.com, you can safely harness the power of the Internet for use in your home or classroom.


What are Webquests?

iwebquest.com works with dedicated teachers to develop online lesson plans, units, and projects to promote higher-level thinking skills.  We refer to these online lessons, units, and projects as webquests.  Webquests break the larger units into smaller tasks to lead students through the difficult process of questioning, researching, and then applying their knowledge.  First, webquests ask students an essential question to creates a clear purpose, inspires students to access prior knowledge, and create a level of excitement that motivates students to explore further.  Second, webquests provide quality, teacher previewed resources.  Students have easy access to quality resources and can now focus on analyzing and interpreting their resources.  Third, webquests provide you with an on-line activity that gives kids an opportunity to apply (and solidify) their knowledge.  iwebquest.com packs these activities full of teaching strategies that make it easier for you to engage your students in learning and then assess their work.


Why should teachers, parents, and students iwebquest.com’s webquests?

  • Use Your Time Wisely- Quality resources are provided for you.
  • Current Information- Our online resources provide you with up-to-date information.
  • Stimulating Graphics- The colorful, sometimes animated, graphics found on the web can create excitement.
  • Interactive Sites- You can use our web pages to actively manipulate information.
  • Various Reading Levels- You can find information at your reading level.
  • Multiple Intelligence's- Find a medium to reach your learning style.
  • Safety Issues- You can surf safely knowing that all our sites are teacher previewed.

Can iwebquest.com help me to integrate webquests, treasure hunts, and hotlists into my own curriculum?

Yes, iwebquest.com offers a number of seminars and workshops that can provide you with the support you need to use our materials in your home or classroom.  We can also work with you  to create your own webquests.  Contact our support staff at support@iwebquest.com to set up a customized seminar or workshop that will meet your needs. 



Whether you are using our webquests or creating your own iwebquest.com is there to support you in your quest bring educational excellence and inspired learning into your classroom.



Matthew Durant

Matthew Durant, Director


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